Wedding Pricing

Weddings are a very crucial moment that we take pride to be apart of. It is an honor and a privilege to be given the trust and responsibility to capture this important moments. With that being said, we have set our prices to insure optimal performance and quality to be insured.

Your just about to start the next chapter in you new life together, but you have planning to do! Starting off your commitment together with an engagement photography session is a very special time for the both of you. We want to photograph your commitment to each other for your friends and family.

Our first package is the Simple Session starting at $200. In this session you will have 1 hour with a photographer and 15 minutes to change. In the simple session you will only have one location to be photograph at.  After you are done with your session you will receive the final photos via email or flash drive.

Our second package is  the Popular Session starting at $400. In this session you will have 2 hours with a photographer and 2 locations to pick from. In addition to the 2 hours, you will also have 30 minutes to change. After we have an awesome time together, you will receive the final photos via email or flash drive.

These sessions are important to us, because they will have many potential uses. You can use them for your wedding announcements, signing book for your wedding, and pictures for your love ones.

You can buy prints from your session through us, but you will already receive all rights to print your photos! 

Wedding Photography is one of the most crucial jobs during a wedding. There is a lot of trust and responsibility given to the photographer, and we find it a joy and honor to serve others on that special day. Pictures last a lifetime, and shows the character of the couple.

Our Photography Package starts off at $1500. This price covers a full day of shooting with two photographers. One photographer can only cover so much, but two can cover multiple angles. In this package you will receive all edited photos via email, and posted on our site for everyone to see. The 10 to 20 top photos will be posted up no later than Monday after your wedding day to keep the excitement going for you and your love ones! Once all photos have been edited, you will be receiving a custom crafted box with you hard drive. In addition you will be receiving an 8x10 and 2 5x7s with your package.

You can order more prints through us, but we will already be giving you full rights to print your photos!

Videography at a weddings is a secondary purchase compared to photography, but it is just as important. An image is worth a thousand words, but video is worth millions. Video give you the ability to revisit your day all over again. Our primary goal with video at weddings is to provide a cinematic style without intruding on your day. With state of the art cameras and lenses, your day will be captured.

The Videography Package starts at $1600 for a full day of shooting. In this package you will have two videographers to insure they capture multiple angles, and never miss a moment. After shooting is complete, you will be receiving a highlight video and a full coverage video. The video will be posted online for everyone to view.  In the mail you will receive a custom crafted box, and in the box will be a personal hard drive with all raw footage and both videos.

The full coverage video is a 40 to 60 minute feature of your entire wedding ceremony and reception with small highlights in-between.

Doubling up with photography and videography is the cheaper way to go, and get more out of your money. With this package you are guaranteed that your day will run smoothly in terms with photography and video.

The Video & Photography Package starts off at $2800. In this package you will have 2 photographers and 2 videographers to cover your day. When everything is all done, photos and video, you will receive a costume crafted package containing you hard drive and 8x10 and 2 5x7s.

The benefit you receive for having us provide photography and videography is that we will be a more efficient team. Instead of a random photographer or videographer who has a different style of working, we will have a solid plan weeks before the shoot knowing how to cover your event to perfection.

If our pricing seem to be out of your budget, please give us a call or email, and we will re-budget our prices to try and fit your needs. We are flexible with pricing, because we are passionate about serving in these important moments in people's lives.


Are you willing to travel?

Heck yes we will love to travel to come meet you! We are always willing and able to shoot outside of the state of Georgia.

Do the sessions or package includes travel cost?

We are based out of Marietta GA. Any location within 40 miles does not require travel cost. Any location outside 40 miles will have an travel charge.

How long does it take for the photos to be done?

Once the photos have been shot, it will take 10 to 20 days for the final edits to be completed.

How long does it take for the videos to be completed?

Once the film has been shot, it will take 15 to 30 days to complete. The coverage video can be the lengthy project due to the size and content.

Can you use a drone for our wedding?

Drones are an additional charge at this time. It would be an additional $300 for a fully license drone operator. Our goals for weddings is to be less intrusive on your day as possible. We want you to enjoy your moments together, and not have a bee buzzing in the distance.

Can you do a custom highlight to a different style?

We are completely able to match a different style of wedding highlight you wish us to match. Just remember that your day will always be unique and different than anyone else's wedding day. The price can increase depending on the length and demand of the edit.

Can we pick the song for the highlight video?

Song selection is limited due to copyright. We have a very large selection of music from you to pick from, but do not worry if you want us to pick the song for you instead. You already have a lot on your plate, and we will get to know you and make sure we pick the right song for you.

If you the song we want is not on the list of songs, could be still use it?

We can always research and reach out to the record label and ask to use the song, but the price may increase due to the demand of the song license. We have been able to contact artist to use music before, and use their song for free.

Is there a wedding deposit?

There is a wedding deposit due by the date of the contract to seal and confirm your date.

When will the remaining payment be due?

The remaining payment will be due after the project is completed. We believe that you should not pay until the edit is done. Once we have received the payment, you will receive the package in the mail as well as a document giving you full rights to print the images.

What if we want to buy prints?

We outsource our prints through a third party to insure the best quality at the best price. We do not want cheap quality paper, but something that will last a long time and long amazing. When you receive your images, contact us on what prints you would like. There will be a document on pricing in your package.

Can you make DVDs of our wedding?

We can make DVDs, but the cost will increase. Most clients ask for digital copies, but we still do provide DVDs. The first DVD will cost $50 due to menu and chapter building. Each copy after that will cost $15.

Can we get our images on a Disc?

If you want your images on a disc, we can do that!

What happens if I lose my images due to a dinosaur attack?!

 In this life, nothing made by man will last forever, but we are prepared to restore your files. We personally keep a copy of everything that we work on. Everything on our end is organized, backed up, and archived away in safe keeping. Don't fret to much, we got your back.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are always open and ready.