Videography Pricing

Today video is a powerful platform to get your message out there. You can only do so much with a photograph, but with video, you are able to revisit old memories. If you want us to capture your event whether it is a birthday, graduation, football game, or concert, we have the ability to record your event at the best quality.

Our Basic Video Event starts at $250 for the first hour and $100 for each hour after.

Any event lasting more than 4 hours requires DIT work to transfer the footage and clean off the digital cards. DIT will be an additional charge.

Need more than one camera, then maybe two angles will be better than one? Our Duo package starts at $350 for the first hour and then $150 per hour.

Any event lasting more than 3 hours will require a DIT which will be an additional charge.

Need a full crew? We can offer more charge angles with three camera operators. The Trio Video starts off at the first hour at $400 for the first hour, and then $200 per hour after the first.

Any event lasting more than 2 hours requires DIT work.

You will receive all raw footage on a hard drive if supplied to us.


We also provide professional editing for your recorded event. If you require special lower thirds, graphics, or special transitions, we can make it!

Our editing rates start at $25 per hour. We do not set flat rates due to the creative process. With having us edit your project, you will receive professional taste and vision. You will also receive any project file that we worked no for you so you can re-use the graphics we made for your project. This price includes editing, graphics, and color grading.


What is a DIT?

This is a person who serves as an agent to the cinematographer to help with the overall picture of the project. They help with quality control and data control. Memory fills up quick and having someone manage the date is crucial with big projects. You do not want you videographer multi-tasking with data management, and missing the beat of the moment.

How long does and edit last?

That really depends on the length of the project. If the project is a multi-camera edit. Then edit would be a lot faster due to the editor just having to rewatch the event. If the project is complex and long it can take awhile. If the project is critically small with a lot of footage then it can take time as well.