We are Fortify Productions, a freelance based group based in the Atlanta Georgia area. Our team strive to bring out Narrative, Creativity, and Quality in every project  we work on ranging from photography to videography.

Garrison Muelhausen

Co Owner

Garrison has a variety background work ranging to working on the sidelines during a live college football event to assistant editing television shows all around the Georgia area. He has a growing passion to serve others in every job he works on whether it is a simple photo shoot to a high end wedding production.

Rizal Buckingham

Co Owner

Rizal comes from a background in the sports television industry serving local communities High Schools across Georgia and Florida. Coming to Atlanta, Rizal has been able to get his foot in the door with numerous indie short films working as a Director of Photography. Every project Rizal is involved with a cinematic approach to even the simple projects to make sure they are stylized to the fullest potential.